Thursday, June 28, 2012

July Jumpstart Readathon & Challenges

We're super excited to have the blog up and running! And right in time for July's Jumpstart Readathon. Jumpstart RATs are there to do just that: jumpstart your reading for the month. They are at the beginning of every month, the 1st to the 7th. I'm going to try to have challenges up every month to add to the fun.

Here are the challenges I've come up with for July:

1. Read a book that starts with the letter J, or read a book with an author that has J as an initial.
2. Read a book that takes place during the summer.
3. Pick one book you read in 2012 that you really enjoyed. Take note of the author's initials; read a book that has those two letters in the title. (You may use subtitles.)

Remember, the challenges are not mandatory. They're just here to make your reading more fun; as time goes on, if the challenges prove to be successful I'll post more for one month so that you can have more of a variety.

Head over to the Challenges page to see what I'm planning to read! :D

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